Ps5 Horizontal Stand Console Horizontal Cooling Stand with Controller Charger



ps5 horizontal stand 

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Horizontal Stand for PS5 Disc & Digital Edition

This ps5 horizontal stand places the Playstation 5 horizontally, and compatibal with both PS5 Disc & Digital Editions. Playstation vertical stage improves the stability of the PS5 press placement and prevents accidental tilting. At the same time, PS5 vertical stage provides better ventilation conditions than perpendicular placement.

Dual PS5 Controller Charging jetties

PS5 stand vertical is also equipped with 2 PS5 regulator charging stations and 4 usb charging dongles. Connect the PS5 holder to the PS5 press directly for power supply through the c- to c string that comes with the product, and 2 PS5 regulators can be charged up in 3-3.5 h. The charging status of the PS5 binary regulator can be easily understood through the LED on the Playstation 5 stand red- charging; green- charged/ buttress.

3- position Silent Cooling Addict Speed

The PS5 cooling station vertical has two erected-in silent cooling suckers, and the speed of 4000 rpm provides adequate cooling backing for the PS5 press. PS5 cooling suckers can be turned on or off as needed by the addict switch on the side of the PS5 cooling stage. The addict of the PS5 cooler has blue LED lights to match the PS5 press, creating a better atmosphere for your gaming time.

Upgraded Screw Fixing Design

There’s a screw in the niche of the bottom of the left PS5 stage. The upgraded screw-fixing design improves the stability of the vertical placement for the PlayStation five press. The anti-skid pads of the inner side of the PS5 cooling stand that connect the PS5 media and the places at the bottom of the stage make the PS5 more stable, and the PS5 face and the tabletop won’t be scratched.

Easy and Fast Installation

fit EVA froth, specially designed for PS5 Digital Edition, into the left stage, take out the screw, place the PS5 upside down, and fix the left part and PS5 press with the screw; put the PS5 perpendicular and connect right stage. Connect Playstation 5 cooling station and PS5 press through the included c- to c power string; take out the USB dongle( 4 in total), insert it into the PS5 regulator, and place the regulator on the PS5 docking station to start charging.